Update your Ugly Bi-fold Closet Doors!

Here is a great and cheap way to update your bi-fold closet doors that will make a huge difference in the look of any bedroom!  Enjoy!
Here is the breakdown on how these bedroom closet doors went from this.

To this…..


In addition to makeing the room appear larger with mirrors..We purchased 4 new 24″ interior doors from Lowes @$20.00 a piece, hinge hardware and window handles (to use as the door handles) from Home Depot–all total $40.00…..You might be lucky enough to already have closet doors that could be transformed… unlike me who was still sporting the bi-fold 60’s doors!
The hardware I purchased even came in oil rubbed bronze.. no painting!!
When I completed the painting the hardware was added
after careful measurements were taken..
IMG_7597 (3) (1)

Before we went to the next step we made sure they our hardware was lined up, measurements looked good and the doors fit well…once the mirrors are added they become VERY heavy, easier to double check yourself at this stage….and things were looking good!!

Next up ……penciling in the outline for the mirrors…this is a little tricky..TIP**It is helpful to mark the top and bottom of the doors to be certain your measurements are correct for each..I wanted the mirror to be a little higher on the top of the door–so there would be a few more inches of actual door showing on the bottom of each door…which sounds simple until you have 4 doors laying in front of you and you are wondering ummm..which end is up???
I called local mirror and glass companies and had 4 quotes on the price of cutting the custom mirrors….They ranged from $150.00 to $293.00..
TIP**call around it is worth the time..you will be surprised how many local places handle custom mirrors….
BIG TIP**—you will be covering the mirror edges with trim so you will not need the sides beveled…
that a lot saves $$$!
Next I prepped the doors to secure the mirrors…..Make sure you use mirror adhesive…VERY important…The mirrors are very heavy…Read the directions on the adhesive very carefully–the doors have to sit for a few days for the adhesive to set…So have them in an area that they will not have to be moved for a few days…..
I added a bit more adhesive after being creative!
I painted the trim to match the doors and added the trim around the mirror edges….and after a few days of sitting undisturbed ……….
These doors completely changed the look of the room..  I hope you get inspired! 
Credit to Gail Wilson and Chris from Midwest Cottage and Finds!